Terms & Conditions

  1. Each module will include a video and a short test of learning and understanding, plus a personal study area (e.g. for recording notes and intended actions).
  2. Each candidate will be given a dedicated log-in to allow access to the learning materials, and associated notes and examinations. This must not be shared with any other individual(s). Any unauthorised use or misuse may result in that person’s access being rescinded, and the candidate removed from the programme without compensation.
  3. The course is free to the staff of all Guild member offices who are on the Guild’s Enhanced Membership Package. All other members will incur a cost of £250+ VAT per person per annum for the course, and this must be paid in full before the commencement of the programme unless a monthly direct debit has been agreed (see below).
  4. For those members not on the Enhanced Package and who submit more than 10 candidates, a monthly direct debit facility can be made available whereby the agent can pay by monthly instalments for a small premium (£50 additional per candidate per annum). In such an event, collection of any fees from the participating individuals is strictly the responsibility of the agent, and the agent will be liable for the total annual cost whatever the circumstances of the individual candidate (e.g. left the company).
  5. If a candidate leaves the programme during the year, then the remaining time is forfeit. There are to be no transfers of access or credit to other third parties, or continued use of the service from other companies outside of Guild membership.
  6. It is the estate agent’s responsibility to inform us of any changes in a candidate’s employment status that might affect their right of access to the course.
  7. The content and intellectual property of the course and associated materials belong to The Guild, and cannot be reproduced or reused in any way without its written permission.
  8. The Guild reserves the right to amend the course content at any time.